Change can be scary. Yet, in today’s fast-moving world, those who aren’t change-minded will soon be left behind. For many boards, this truth looms ominously overhead. For Jennifer Dulski, however, change is simply a way of life.

Dulski most recently served as the President & COO for She cut her digital teeth at Yahoo! and then went on to sell her own company (The Dealmap) to Google. Needless to say, she had more technology experience than your typical director when she joined her first public company board in 2012. So what advice does this next-gen board member have for innovative boards and other young directors?

In this episode, Host TK Kerstetter asks Dulski how she navigates change in the boardroom—particularly when other board members don’t see the need for change. Rather wise beyond her years, Dulski walks Kerstetter through her strategy for everything from influencing decision makers to contributing as a young director. In this episode, we cover:

  • How does one guide change in the boardroom when other directors are averse?
  • What kind of value can a younger generation bring to today’s boardrooms?
  • What has it been like serving on TEGNA, a truly gender-diverse board?