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Ask a Director Series: Corporate Directors Share Insights on the COVID-19 Crisis

Ask A Director: What Lessons Have Boards Learned from COVID-19? (Part 1)

For the Diligent Institute’s most recent report, “Ask A Director: What Lessons Have Boards Learned from COVID-19?,” we assembled a diverse panel of corporate directors to discuss their biggest take-aways from 2020. Here’s what they told us.

COVID-19 Changing Governance Behaviors and Roles (Part 2)

COVID-19 impacted almost everything about our daily lives, including the way people work and operate in the business world. As we approach a full year of COVID-19, we asked directors how board governance has been changing as a result of the pandemic.

What Pandemic-Era Board Governance Practices and Mindsets Will Be Permanent? (Part 3)

It is clear that whatever the new normal will look like, in many ways it will not resemble how businesses operated before the pandemic. Find out which pandemic-era governance practices and mindsets have changed forever.

Boardroom Culture and Onboarding New Directors (Part 4)

Despite the board governance silver linings and innovations that have come out of the pandemic, directors have reservations about the rate of change in the boardroom, and fear that moving to exclusively virtual meetings could result in a damaging blow to boardroom culture and effectiveness.

How COVID-19 Changed Risk Management and Strategic Planning (Part 5)

No board director could have successfully predicted the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis. However, unprecedented side effects of the pandemic have forced directors to focus on how risk management and strategic planning are evolving in a world that changes pace at the blink of an eye.

Corporate Responses to COVID-19 That Made Directors Proud (Part 6)

In a time where it is easy to focus on fault and failure, we again asked directors about corporate responses that made them proud of their organizations. Responses, unsurprisingly, were centered around their fellow directors, their management teams, and their employees and customers.

Biggest Director Takeaways from COVID-19 (Part 7)

In the midst of any crisis, directors have an opportunity to learn from their experiences. We asked directors what their biggest takeaways from the pandemic were, and how they would advise their peers.

Director Confidence Index

Where Is The US Economy Heading? We Asked Corporate Directors.

Diligent Institute is partnering with Corporate Board Member on a new national pulse survey: the Director Confidence Index (DCI), a quarterly poll tracking director sentiment on the economy and other topical matters.