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Legal teams and their organizations have a lot to manage both within their organization and as pertains to regulations outside of their company. Entity management lies at the heart of legal team functions. Managing the details between mergers and acquisitions; reconciling the shifts of personnel and policy that occur during restructuring; and navigating the complexity of regulatory and compliance measures all require a high-functioning legal team. Without a reliable entity management technology platform, legal teams are deprived of the accurate data and information they need.

The right entity management software provides the data and information that the right person needs at their fingertips. With a single source of truth, there’s no need to wrangle down data, dig to find the right document at the last moment or confirm it’s accuracy.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Compliance and corporate governance are paired together in most organizations for several logical reasons. To start, many of the same players are involved in both corporate governance matters and compliance issues – such as managing a relationship with the board or managing compulsory filings. Both governance and compliance involve rules of conduct and controls on behavior. In issues of compliance, those rules originate from external sources. These may be legislation, contracts, industry standards or other policies that obligate the company’s response. Compliance policies are not optional; these requirements must be met in order to stay within the bounds of the law. Enforcement consequences for noncompliance might include penalties, fines, legal action, loss of contracts, and revocation of licenses or permits. Good governance is not also optional for any organization aiming for success.

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