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What Are Robert’s Rules of Order

Robert’s Rules of Order is a set of laws create by Henry Martyn Robert, a US Army brigadier general to establish parliamentary procedures for how meetings should be run. While the original intention of these parliamentary procedures was not for board of directors meetings, Henry Robert eventually wrote a book, Robert’s Rules of Order, that adapted the rules and practices of Congress to the needs of non-legislative groups and was eventually adopted as the national standard for how board meetings should be conducted.

The book itself outlines meeting procedures, requirements and guidelines so that meeting participants don’t spend valuable and rare meeting time on debating how the meeting should be run and what rules should be followed. The book also illustrates the role of the board chair and how he should adhere to certain principles to allow for fair and objective meetings to reach the best possible outcome within the designated guidelines for decision-making. The basic elements of the meeting including things like how to make meeting motions, what type of meeting motions exist, proper voting procedures, how to take board meeting minutes, how meetings should be conducted and the roles and requirements of board members. Motions and voting procedures are two of the biggest elements of Robert’s Rules of Order and provide the guidelines for how each board adapts these parliamentary procedures.

Proper Board Meeting Voting Procedures

What Are Board of Director Voting Procedures?

Board of director voting procedures are a specific approach to how board’s should conduct voting on things within and without the boardroom as dictated by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Best Practices for Board of Directors Voting

Board of directors should adhere to best practices for voting on certain board matters. These best practices should be dictated by Robert’s Rules of Order and adjusted to best fit the size, makeup of the board of directors and how voting is conducted.

Why Board Portals Need Strong Board of Directors Voting Technology

Since technology has become such a large part of the boardroom experience and a lot of board members and votes occur before or after a board meeting, it is suggested that the board of directors use board portal technology that can help them properly vote without any hiccups.

Board Meetings 101

How to Write a Motion for a Board Meeting

Proper board meeting procedures are imperative to ensure a smooth board meeting that is conducted with efficiency and respect among peers. Robert’s Rules of Order create a great framework for this and proper interpretation of the rules always for some leeway from board to board.

For any member of a board of directors, it is imperative for board administrators and board directors to know how to write a motion for a board meeting. These guidelines can be found within Robert’s Rules of Order. Additionally, it is important for a board member to be able to fully interpret the proper rules and helps to have a brief history of the origination of Robert’s Rules.

Understanding Best Practices for Board Meetings

Not only should board meetings follow the established procedures laid out in Robert’s Rules of Order, but they should grow from there, understanding the best practices that are available and learning from what practices work and don’t work among their other boards. Each board is built differently based on the required skill-sets and the overall industry focus for the business. However, despite their differences, many boards can learn from what other boards are doing to drive more success in the boardroom. This stems from proper utilization of such things as D&O questionnaires and board evaluations to understanding how to follow up on issues after a meeting is conducted. There is no finite science for this, but there are some common grounds that most boards use.