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Technology for Secure Communication In the Boardroom

Secure communication is paramount to the success of a modern board of directors looking to do business at any scale - whether an international business or a non-profit organization. In order to stay current in a changing ecosystem of digital boardroom tools boards require better tools. With the requirements of real-time communication and the ever-growing risk of cybersecurity, the need for secure digital communication in the boardroom has never been more important. In fact, many countries across the globe are passing legislation to hold board members fiscally and personally responsible for any gaffs in communication that they are responsible for i.e. using personal email for board matters, improperly securing devices with board related materials on them, etc.

If data isn’t properly encrypted, a hack can expose this information to the world, threatening compliance, reputation and share/stock prices. An email address error can leak confidential data—with potentially catastrophic legal repercussions for the organization and directors themselves. Even the savviest directors may be vulnerable to a sophisticated password hack or phishing attack.

How can directors fulfill their increasingly complex and collaborative fiduciary responsibilities without putting valuable data, the organization and themselves to risk? Through a communications solution that achieves the best of both worlds: security and simplicity. This solution must meet the highest international standards, including industry-specific ones like HIPAA, using industry best practices for data encryption, controlling system access and dealing with compromised devices. Your board solution needs to integrate seamlessly with other board applications and be hassle-free for the IT department.

How To Get Your Board to Adopt A Secure Messaging App

While we all know that secure communications tools like Diligent Messenger are best practice, adoption of those tools can be difficult. Board members who are set in their ways may be reluctant to new tools, especially if it seems like it adds another step to their current process. However, adopting a secure messaging app can be one of the easiest thing your board does this year.

Why Board Members Using Personal Email Weakens Security for the Board

When board members use personal email platforms for key communications about their board – such as meeting follow-up or for transmitting board materials – they open themselves up to more risk than the convenience of using a familiar tool is worth.

Are There Any Safe Alternatives to Business Email?

Anything that you send by eMail is preserved for longer than you might want – even if you delete it from your inbox. Emails remain in your computer’s cookies, on your ISP server and on the receiver’s computer. While sometimes that paper trail is key, discretion and privacy are equally important in board matters.

Evaluating the Dangers of Insecure Communication Practices

The Dangers of WhatApp For Board Communication

While many free tools for messaging might seem secure and are convenient – especially if you’re already using them for personal communications – they open users using them for secure financial or board data up to risks as Terms of Service can change rapidly.

The HBO Hack Proves Email Can’t Be Trusted

Several years after the well-publicized hack of HBO still offers key insights for board members. Unlike most hacks, the malware injection hack was complex and illustrates the need for modernizing technology and upgrading to more secure communication tools.

Best Practices for Secure Communication

One of the best ways that a corporate secretary or board member can help steer the long-term success of their board forward is with the use of technology. Boardroom technology from start to finish of board matters mitigates security concerns, saves time and money and can help your board be more efficient. From using a secure data room to help keep documents secure before they are in the board book, to maintaining board meeting minutes and other board materials in the secure ecosystem of a board management software to discussing agenda items and follow-ups after the meeting in a secure messaging tool, the advent of technology has moved quicker than the speed of light in supporting the needs of busy board members.