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Prepare your board to hold more successful virtual meetings

According to Diligent users, almost all meetings now have a virtual component. Running an effective in-person meeting can present many challenges (e.g., technology, preparation, communication, flow), which are only compounded in a virtual setting. Discover best practices, tips and resources to ensure your virtual meetings are effective, engaging, and secure.

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Diligent Technology to Support More Secure Virtual Meetings

Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings Now and in the Future

The shift to virtual board meetings has created the need for more guidance on the best practices for adapting to these environments now and in the future. This guide helps to address some of the key challenges and opportunities of virtual meetings. Diligent is here to be your partner through this crisis and beyond!

Virtual Meeting Management – A How to Guide for Administrators

Did you know that Diligent can help support a more secure virtual meeting? Through Diligent Boards, we offer several features that integrate with your video conference platform and enable secure delivery of meeting links and materials.

Virtual Meeting Navigation – A How to Guide for Directors

Board members can securely launch a meeting that uses video conferencing technology from directly within Diligent Boards. Utilizing split screen technology, you can even view your video meeting alongside your board materials.

Training Webinar – Share Video Conference Details Securely

Diligent users are invited to join a short training webinar, featuring a product walkthrough in our OneClick and Web platforms to enable you to securely share your conference call information ahead of your next remote board meeting.

Resources to Hold More Effective Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

It’s more than likely that all of your once face-to-face meetings have gone fully virtual overnight. With this fast transition, many questions have emerged on how to maintain professionalism, stay engaged and keep decision-making moving forward.

Virtual Meeting Toolkit

Learn the best practices to ensure your virtual meetings are effective, engaging, and secure and maintain a collaborative environment for your board and execs.

What Are the Best Practices for Virtual Board Meetings?

Unique to the COVID-19 crisis is the sudden transition to “work from home.” For boards, virtual meetings have gone from an infrequent option to an absolute necessity. In Part 4 of our series, the panelists explored some of the nuances of virtual board meetings, the pros and the cons, and how to get the most out of them.

Virtual Meetings: How to Get Your Board Up & Running

Holding an effective virtual meeting is not as easy as it sounds. In this blog, we share some considerations and best practices to help boards get started.

Best Practices for Conducting Remote Board Meetings

Best practices for remote board meetings means board directors need reliability and the ability to connect in a variety of digital methods.

Navigating the Future of (Secure) Work: The Hidden Perils of Virtual Technology

In the effort to prepare for the future of work, the need to support a remote digital workforce has been a key initiative for most companies in recent years.