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governance in the digital age
When boards perfect ESG reporting, it allows them to get better insight into their investments.
A subsidiary governance manual will help your organization better align their governance strategy.
School board administration teams should leverage data and trends to build better budgeting strategies
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Governance in the Digital Age

Governance in the Digital Age: Practical Guidance for Boards

In this episode, Diligent CEO Brian Stafford and Vice President of Thought Leadership Dottie Schindlinger discuss how the speed of business is impacting today’s boardrooms.


Perfecting ESG Reporting

While it may seem that ESG reporting is one of the latest hot topics in the marketplace, the reality is that the concept of ESG has...

Subsidiary Management

Subsidiary Governance Manual

Once the domain and responsibility of just one or two people within a corporation, subsidiary governance has emerged as its own discipline in recent years. Increasing regulation across the world...

Budgeting for Public Education

School Board Administration Team: Leveraging Data and Trends in Budgeting

School board members are entrusted with the resources a community has for the education of its children. They are expected to oversee the use of these...

Modern Governance at the Speed of Business

Corporate Governance

Modern Governance: Powering Organizations at the Speed of Business

At a time when governance has struggled to keep pace with today's business landscape, Diligent is introducing a new category: modern governance.

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