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By integrating your board portal with your entity management software you can greatly enhance your subsidiary management by creating a single source of truth.
It's important for the board and organization to establish a policy for severance pay for bad actors and those who cause damage to the company.
The board should be very involved in human capital management for their organization to ensure proper corporate success.
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Digital Transformation

How Corporate Directors Can Encourage a Culture of Innovation

In this episode, Claudia Fan Munce draws insights from her career in the venture capital sector for IBM. What is the board’s role in making sure a company has an innovative culture?

Subsidiary Management

Integrating Your Board Portal & Entity Governance Software For Subsidiary Management

Working with multiple entities brings a huge amount of information to the legal operations team and the general counsel for handling. Start introducing global subsidiary management to the process, and...

Board of Directors

Establishing Severance Pay for “Bad Actors”

Given the prevalence of reports of unethical behavior, some of it longstanding before the individuals in question are shown the door from their respective offices, it may not be a...

Human Capital Management

Board Oversight in Human Capital Management

Boards have many areas to oversee and many duties related to overseeing management. Rapid changes in the economic environment are providing many new issues for boards to tend to. The...

Modern Governance at the Speed of Business

Corporate Governance

Modern Governance: Powering Organizations at the Speed of Business

At a time when governance has struggled to keep pace with today's business landscape, Diligent is introducing a new category: modern governance.

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