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critical audit matters for audit committees
In a recent survey by CGLytics, the company research pay ratios and ceo pay.
Microsoft excel can complicate your entity management strategy, allowing mistakes to be made.
By increasing board diversity your organization can also improve firm performance.
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Audit Committee

Audit Committee Guidance: Implementation of Critical Audit Matters

Following a series of publications from the PCAOB, Catherine Ide provides an update on critical audit matters (CAMs). What do audit committees need to know?


2019 Highest CEO Pay Survey

Every proxy season tends to bring another round of hot debates over CEO pay rates and other executive compensation. The debates continue with the media and the investors watching. Companies...

Data Management

Why Microsoft Excel Complicates Entity Management

The genius of Microsoft Excel for entity management is that it’s so easy to use and there are free templates that exist online to get you...

Board Diversity

Board Diversity and Firm Performance

Variety is the spice of life. That’s precisely why we enjoy meeting new people. Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling incredibly enlightened about something you previously knew...

The rate of which females are being appointed to boards is not happening at the expected speed.

Board Diversity

One-Third of New S&P 500 Corporate Board Appointments in 2018 Were of Women – But There’s Still a Way to Go

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018, and shareholders have never been more explicit in their expectations of companies. A CGLytics review entitled...

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