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PwC's Paul DeNicola
Seeing how technology can allow boardrooms to achieve strong corporate governance
Board of directors' fiduciary duty to shareholders requires honesty and accuracy in reporting how the company is doing.
Ryan Harvey with Meridian Compensation Partners
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Corporate Strategy

Questions the Board Should Ask When Considering Stock Buybacks

In this episode, Paul DeNicola frames the current landscape for share buybacks. What questions should board members be asking their management team?

Corporate Governance

Achieving Strong Corporate Governance Through Technology

Technology offers corporations a new dimension of tools that enhance their ability to conduct business efficiently. Good governance is in a state of vast transformation. Technology...


Board of Directors’ Fiduciary Duty to Shareholders

While they may not understand the nuances of your role as a corporate secretary or other governance professional, your colleagues and acquaintances likely do appreciate that your contributions are held...

Compensation Committee

How to Structure a Fair Executive Severance Agreement

Ryan Harvey frames the importance of a well-structured severance arrangement and outlines several best practices for today’s boards and compensation committees.

The rate of which females are being appointed to boards is not happening at the expected speed.

Board Diversity

One-Third of New S&P 500 Corporate Board Appointments in 2018 Were of Women – But There’s Still a Way to Go

Gender diversification on boards was a prominent issue in 2018, and shareholders have never been more explicit in their expectations of companies. A CGLytics review entitled...

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