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Deborah Platt Majoras board member
Boards should understand what's issue they should pay attention to for the 2019 proxy reviews.
Cyber hackers have begun to target school districts more and more in recent years, calling on school boards to improve cybersecurity practices
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Board Governance

Why Form a Board Committee for Public Policy or Social Responsibility?

In this episode, Deborah Platt Majoras explains the purpose and function of her board’s public policy committee.


2019 Proxy Reviews: What the Board Should Pay Attention To

In light of 2019 proxy reviews, shareholders and governance experts have taken their usual look back at some of the hot topics in recent years. Certain issues like board refreshment,...

Cybersecurity for Public Education

How School Districts Have Become Major Targets for Cyber Hackers

School districts have become major targets for cyber hackers throughout the United States. Ransom demands, districts being scammed out of millions, school computer systems compromised, or student information stolen and...

The Corporate Director Podcast

What it Means to Be an Effective Director in the Digital Age

In Episode 8 of "The Corporate Director Podcast," board member Susan Forrester describes the importance of fast and high-quality information flow and directorship in the digital age.

By integrating your board portal with your entity management software you can greatly enhance your subsidiary management by creating a single source of truth.

Subsidiary Management

Integrating Your Board Portal & Entity Governance Software For Subsidiary Management

Working with multiple entities brings a huge amount of information to the legal operations team and the general counsel for handling. Start introducing global subsidiary management to the process, and...

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