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On The Corporate Director Podcast, we discuss the experiences and ideas behind what’s working in corporate board governance in our digital-tech-fueled world. You’ll hear interviews with board members, corporate leaders, governance professionals, and researchers who have compelling stories to share. Listen on your favorite podcast player: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

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Charting a Path to Sustainability

In this episode of The Corporate Director Podcast, Frederik Otto, Founder and Business advisor of Sustainability Board Report, discusses his passion for sustainability and and takes us inside his latest research into how organizations should define ESG ownership.

Learning to Live in Lightspeed

In this episode of The Corporate Director Podcast, hear from Sally Susman, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Pfizer, as she takes us inside the process to create a COVID-19 vaccine, dubbed “Project Lightspeed,” and what she learned about leadership and governance along the way.

Driving Boardroom Accountability

In this episode, hear from Alexander Lowry, Executive Director of the Career & Connection Institute and Esther Aguilera, President and CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association as they discuss how increased boardroom accountability can drive ESG, DEI and stakeholder capitalism.

The Future of Compensation

In this episode, hear from Frederic Barge, founder of Reward Value, a nonprofit looking to redesign executive compensation, on how to create compensation structures that incentivize value for all stakeholders.

The Modern Board and the Soul of Business

In this episode, hear from Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune, on the three biggest trends in the business world today and what it means for a modern board to meet those trends head-on.

A Different Kind of TSR: The Importance of Talent, Strategy and Risk

Dennis Carey, Vice Chairman of Korn Ferry, Ram Charan, world-renowned business adviser, author, teacher, and speaker, and Bill McNabb, former Chairman and CEO of Vanguard, discuss key takeaways from and the impetus behind the publication of their latest book: Talent, Strategy, Risk: How Investors and Boards Are Redefining TSR.

How Should the Board Work? Insights From a Renowned Economist

In this episode, hear from Dr. Dambisa Moyo, an experienced board member, economist, and author as she discusses her latest book “How Boards Work – And How They Can Work Better in a Chaotic World.”

A Different Path to the Boardroom: Female Leadership in the Middle East

In this episode, hear from Caroline Fattal, founder of Stand for Women and board member of her family’s company, Fattal Group, discuss her unique journey to the boardroom and how she works to empower other women in her position.

Dimensions of Diversity: LGBTQ+ Representation in Leadership

As we work to make corporate boards more representative of the communities they serve, what is the status of LGBTQ+ representation in company leadership, and how can we do better? In this episode, hear from Todd Sears and Matt Fust of Out Leadership as they detail their fight for LGBTQ+ representation in the boardroom and beyond.

Inside “Champagne Football”: Lessons in Fair Play

In this episode, Author Mark Tighe takes us inside his best-selling book, Champagne Football: The Rise and Fall of John Delaney and the Football Association of Ireland, a story of corruption, groupthink, and the cult of celebrity that rocked the Irish football and governance communities in equal measure.

Ensuring Health in the Face of Existential Threats

In this episode, Isabel Kelly, non-executive director at the Panoply and CEO of Profit with Purpose, discusses the importance of nonprofit and for-profit collaboration, and Ulrike Malmendier, Economics Professor at the University of California Berkeley, gives insights from her latest research on the effects of stress on CEO health outcomes.

Inclusion in the Next Normal

What lessons should companies take forward into the “next normal?” How can we meaningfully support and drive inclusion at all levels of an organization? In this episode, we hear from Joyce Cacho, experienced board member at Sunrise Banks NA, the World Benchmarking Alliance, and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, as she discusses the importance of inclusion in 2021 and beyond.

Leading With Purpose - Interview with Former Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly

In his new book, The Heart of Business: Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism, author Hubert Joly, former CEO of Best Buy and orchestrator of the retailer’s spectacular turnaround, unveils his personal philosophy to achieving extraordinary outcomes for all stakeholders by putting purpose and people first. We interview Joly on leading with purpose, and later speak with executive coach, Colin McLetchie on how boards can best support their CEOs in their journey to become more authentic, mindful leaders.

A Catalyst for Diversity: The Future of Representation

Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in corporate leadership has been a long-fought uphill battle. In the wake of company commitments, listing requirements and government legislation on the issue, who has benefitted? More importantly, which groups have still been left out and left behind? Hear from Meesha Rosa, Vice President of Corporate Board Services at Catalyst, on how to ensure that a rising tide really does lift all boats.

A Generalist Approach to Business Transformation

As we move toward the next normal, how should boards think about business transformation? In this episode, we hear from transformation expert and board member Dorlisa Flur about her experiences overseeing several unique business transformations, some in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fight for Latino Representation in the Boardroom

In this episode, Esther Aguilera, President and CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA) details the struggle for greater Latino representation in public company boardrooms, and what her organization is doing to help.

Ethical Decision-Making in the Face of Change

How can corporate leaders tackle the threats of the future? In this episode, hear from Debbie Alvarez-Rodriguez, board member at Recology, and Kathryn Cartini, co-founder and partner at Chloe Capital, on the importance of flexibility and ethical decision-making when dealing with existential changes.

A Deep Dive on Modern Governance

In our 50th episode special, hear from Diligent CEO Brian Stafford and COO and President Lisa Edwards for an in-depth discussion of modern governance: what it means to them, why it’s so important, how it’s changing, and what to expect for the future of governance.

On Directors' Minds: Insights From the Latest Research

What will directors prioritize as we head into 2021? Melanie Nolen, Research Director for Chief Executive Group and Research Editor for Corporate Board Member Magazine, provides insights based on her latest research collaborations with the Diligent Institute.

What is a Modern Board?

As business landscapes continue to shift, the definition of what makes a modern board is evolving. Hear from Eva Sage-Gavin, Senior Managing Director of Accenture’s Global Talent, and Larry Clinton, President of the Internet Security Alliance, on two issues that should be top of the agenda for any modern board in 2021.

A Pragmatic Approach to ESG Metrics and Disclosure

ESG issues will only grow in prominence as we enter 2021, but what should companies be doing around ESG metrics and disclosure? Kristen Sullivan, leader of sustainability and KPI services at Deloitte, weighs in.

Process, Progress and Leadership in Board Evaluations: 3-Part Series

Having the right people in the room is critical to a board’s success—yet are today’s governance professionals getting the most out of their evaluations? In this special 3-part series, TK Kerstetter, host of Inside America’s Boardrooms, facilitator of over 25 evaluations, talks about process, ways to make progress, and the importance of leadership and culture.

The Year 2020 in Review and 2021 Predictions: A Perfect Storm for Governance

At the end of a pivotal and unprecedented year, hosts Dottie Schindlinger and Meghan Day are joined by TK Kerstetter, host of Inside America’s Boardrooms for 2020 highlights and predictions for 2021. Spoiler alert: last year’s predictions for 2020 were a bit off in one big way.

Recruiting For More Diverse Boards: Insights From Audeliss Executive Search

Has 2020 brought a real shift in terms of diversity and board recruiting—and what more needs to be done? Felicity Hassan from the executive search firm Audeliss talks about shared accountability, intersectionality, pipelines, privilege, and more.

Navigating Change, Elevating ESG

From rethinking committee structures to navigating COVID-19, change, and ESG expectations, boards had a lot on their plates in 2020. Governance expert and former general counsel/corporate secretary Doug Chia shares his observations and recommendations.

Hot Trends in Corporate Governance – Surprises from the Latest Boardroom Research

Leah Malone of PwC explores the surprises in this year’s PwC Annual Corporate Directors survey, and Melanie Nolen of Corporate Board Member and Chief Executive Group provides insight from the first quarterly Director Confidence Index, created in conjunction with Diligent Institute.

Tips on Diversity from a Digital Leader

Athena Alliance is a digital ecosystem and platform designed around community, learning, and access to opportunity for women in business. Its founder and CEO Coco Brown shares her insights on diverse director recruitment and board refreshment strategies.

What Does It Mean to Be a “Just” Company?

Many companies have increased their focus on ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues in recent years. Nonprofit JUST Capital makes them its business. We speak with Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital, who describes JUST as “a group of folks who cared very deeply about solving societal challenges and believe strongly that business and markets have a very prominent role to play.”

“Meeting the Moment” for Board Diversity

How can boards accelerate movement on diversity? Evaluations, mentorship and other initiatives can help strengthen boards’ responses to today’s “triple pandemic” of COVID-19, economic downtown and injustice. Phyllis Campbell, Chairman, Pacific Northwest for JPMorgan Chase and Chair, US-Japan Council shares her insights.

What Does 'High-Performance' Mean for Boards in 2020?

What does a high-performing board look like in 2020, already a year like no other? Anna Catalano, director on the boards of Willis Towers Watson, Kraton Corporation, HollyFrontier Corporation, Frontdoor, Inc., and Appvion, shares her reflections on how boards can stay ahead of crisis and change.

ESG: From Afterthought to Strategic Imperative

In this episode, podcast co-host Meghan Day talks to Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of Competent Boards about ESG, boards, and expectations today. Jorgensen has advised companies from Maersk to Unilever, served as a board facilitator for the UN Global Compact Board Program and serves on the expert panel for His Royal Highness Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability Project.

Risks Boards Should Take, From an “Unapologetically Ambitious” Director

Shellye Archambeau was among the first Black female CEOs in Silicon Valley when she held that post at MetricStream. In this episode, Archambeau shares her perspective as a director on the boards of Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies and Okta, and shares insights from her new book, “Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Own Terms.”  

Streamlined Agendas and Robust Discussions: Virtual Meetings Transform Board Work

The pandemic is transforming how corporate boards conduct business. Can boards apply the best habits of today’s virtual meetings to more effective operations beyond the COVID-19 crisis? Eileen Kamerick brings a rich perspective from her service on the boards of AIG Funds, Associated Banc-Corp, Legg Mason Closed-End Mutual Funds, and Hochschild Mining.

Rethinking Business as Usual: Spotlight on Retail and Governance

Anddria Clack-Rogers Varnado, head of strategy and business development for Macy’s and a director for Umpqua Holdings, brings a dual perspective to the future of business and digital transformation from the worlds of retail and governance.

How the 'S' in ESG Is Changing

Roy Dunbar brings a multi-faceted perspective on ESG, and the current protests of racism, from serving on the boards of Humana, Johnson Controls, and SiteOne Lanscape Supply, and as a Jamaican man who lived abroad and now lives in the US.

How Boards Are Responding to Injustice and Mounting Cyber Risk

Larry Clinton, President of the Internet Security Alliance provides a sobering update on cyber risk and calls for a redesign of cybersecurity infrastructures.

Also, podcast co-hosts Dottie Schindlinger and Meghan Day reflect on corporate responses to racial injustice in the wake of recent events.

Is the Pandemic Altering Executive Compensation, Corporate Ownership and Succession Plans?

Succession planning has risen to the fore. Corporate ownership structures are shifting. Dawn Zier, board member for Spirit Airlines and Hain Celestial, brings insights on how COVID-19 is altering the business landscape on this one-year anniversary episode of the podcast.

Digital Directors Are Needed Now More Than Ever

One “business” that’s thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic is cybercrime. Bob Zukis, CEO and founder of the Digital Directors Network explores how prepared boards are to handle the increased cyber risk, and how adding more “digital directors” can help.

Surviving the Crisis - Lessons Learned from Healthcare Boards

What best practices can all industries glean from the experience of healthcare boards, both now and into the future? In this episode, we get insights from Jamie Orlikoff, Chairperson of St. Charles Health System and healthcare governance expert who’s been working with hospital and health system boards since 1985.

Global Ethicist on the Pandemic, Public Trust, & Technology

Is it right to order grocery delivery during a pandemic? What measures should companies take to protect employees during a lockdown? As the COVID-19 crisis places ethical questions like this in the forefront, @GlobalEthicist Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc shares her views on the deficit of trust in today’s world, the role of an ethical advisor, and the inextricable influence of technology on ESG issues and risk.

A View on COVID-19 from the Cockpit: Insights from an Airline Director

People are hunkering down and forced to stay indoors. Law enforcement is being asked to keep people off the street. A great deal of uncertainty exists – COVID-19 is very different from a traditional economics-based crisis or natural disaster. “It’s more akin to a war zone than a normal crisis,” says Alejandro “Alex” Wolff, a 34-year veteran of the US State Department and corporate director for two airlines. Alex shares his insights on crisis leadership strategies for boards and the implications for modern governance.

Pandemic Prep: Board Oversight of Crisis Response

Officially a pandemic, the impact of coronavirus is broad reaching and disruptive. For companies, your crisis response not only impacts the bottom line, it also impacts lives. Podcast guest, Peter Deans, shares his take on how the associated risks need to be effectively managed by boards and management.

Later, Diligent Institute Lead Researcher Annie Kors offers highlights from the new report, A Few Good Women: Gender Inclusion in Public Company Board Leadership.

Disruptive Innovation in the Boardroom

Change is happening at lightning speed. In fact, NACD reported that 68% of directors believe their company will not be able to extend its historical strategy over the next five years. Claudia Fan Munce, co-founder and former managing director of the IBM Venture Capital Group, shares her perspectives on innovation as a board member today.

Also in this episode, Diligent Institute Lead Researcher Annie Kors shares highlights from Beyond the Boardroom: How Corporate Directors Gain Insight.

Ethnic Diversity on Boards: Should Your Boardroom’s Makeup Reflect Your Market?

The roughly 60 million Latinos in the United States are a large and growing part of the nation’s workforce and customer base. Yet less than 3% of the board seats of Fortune 1000 companies are held by Latinos, according to Esther Aguilera, president & CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association. In this episode, Aguilera talks about LCDA, the efforts toward greater board diversity to date, and how far boards have yet to go.

Is 2020 Really the Year of ESG? BlackRock, Goldman Sachs & Davos

ESG is having its moment on the world stage: at the 50th meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s 2020 “Letter to CEOs,” in Goldman Sachs recent move to refuse to fund IPOs for companies with all-male boards. But what’s really happening inside boardrooms? In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the trends with Paul Washington, Executive Director of The Conference Board’s ESG Center.

2020 Outlook on Digital Transformation, ESG & Data Privacy

Each year for over a decade, assurance, tax, and financial advisory firm BDO has surveyed directors of public companies across market caps to get a feel for the landscape. What issues are keeping boards up at night? What changes are looming on the horizon? In this episode, Amy Rojik from BDO shares findings—and surprises—from the firm’s 2019 survey: “The Board’s Direction: Steadying the Shop in Times of Turbulence.”

Rethinking Board Refreshment – Role of the Nominating & Governance Committee Chair

As the pace of change accelerates and shareholder expectations intensify, board composition must account for these complexities. Achieving this fine balance is the job of the nom/gov committee. How is this role evolving in a changing landscape? What can a nom/gov committee member or chair do to ensure success? In this episode, board member Leslie Campbell shares insights from her experience as nom/gov committee chair for 1800PetMeds and Coupa Software.

A Year in Review: The Biggest Governance Moments of 2019

It’s time to look back—and look ahead. In this special holiday episode, hosts Dottie Schindlinger and Meghan Day are joined by TK Kerstetter, host of Inside America’s Boardrooms, for 2019 highlights and predictions. In the words of Schindlinger, “2019 was a governance year for the record books.”

The Board’s Changing Role in Cyber, Risk, and Strategy

Digital transformation fuels efficiency and innovation—but presents a range of risks in everything from ESG to cybersecurity. How can boards stay up to speed and ahead of risk and opportunity, particularly given today’s accelerating pace of change? In this episode, Nelson Chan provides insight from his role as board chair, and Merline Saintil shares her thoughts from her work as an operating executive and director with several technology companies.

CEOs & Boards: Private Equity vs. Public Company Perspectives

Boards are constantly rethinking how they’re engaging employees and influencing company culture. Now, as more CEOs are being dismissed for ethical reasons, boards are under pressure to fundamentally change their approach to ethics. In this episode, Cindy Moehring discusses how boards can create a transparent, accountable company culture. Later on, special guest Adam Berger elaborates on what public company boards can learn from the private equity approach to value creation and working with entrepreneurial CEOs.

How Can Board Members Keep Pace with Digital Transformation?

On this episode, Dr. Anita Sands shares her thoughts on digital transformation—what’s going on and how directors can stay up to speed. We also hear from researchers Brian Tayan from Stanford’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance and Annie Kors from the Diligent Institute on a newly released report on stakeholder governance. In this episode, we discuss: (1) Tectonic shifts in demographics, business models, and operating models, (2) The need for “ambidextrous leadership” and (3) The power of AI and machine learning in the boardroom.

The Value Proposition for Board Innovation

Innovation has long been thought of as crucial to an organization’s success. But, too often, there seems to be little innovation (and diversity) happening within the boardroom. On this episode of The Corporate Director Podcast, Margaret Whelan shares how boards can rethink value, innovation, growth, and diversity—and how these things impact the value of a company.

Is Board Diversity Losing Steam? Insights From PwC’s 2019 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

On this episode, Leah Malone joins the show to discuss PwC’s 2019 Annual Corporate Directors Survey. The study surveys over 700 US board directors, making it one of the largest public directors’ surveys in the country. Notably, the number of directors who believe someone on their board should be replaced hit an all-time high. This year’s survey also presented some conflicting findings around board diversity and stakeholder-centric models of governance.

The Board’s Role in Corporate Culture & Preventing Reputational Crises

Episode 12

In 2018, the top reason for forced CEO turnovers was misconduct. Jennifer Chatman, Professor at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkely and independent director at Simpson Manufacturing Inc., has dedicated her research to demystifying corporate culture. In this episode, she shares: (1) Ways to identify a narcissistic CEO, (2) How to unveil a toxic corporate culture, and (3) Recommendations for diverse boards of directors.

Four Ways Directors Can Enhance Their Technological Acumen

Episode 11

Anastassia Lauterbach serves on the boards of EasyJet and Wirecard. She’s the author of The Artificial Imperative and the CEO and founder of 1AU Ventures Ltd. On this episode, we discuss: (1) How technology has been slow to reach the boardroom, (2) Why every board member should have a base understanding of technology, (3) Anastassia’s advice for board rooms with technological challenges, (4) How to ask management challenging questions, and (5) The status of technology in boardrooms today.

How Should Directors Handle Cyber Risk?

Episode 10

Nearly six years ago, Target experienced a major breach of its customer data. Since then, the conversations in boardrooms about cyber risk could not be more different than they used to be. In this episode, Peter Gleason, CEO of NACD (the National Association of Corporate Directors), shares his advice for how directors can stay up-to-date on trends in cyber risk—especially with so many recent cyber breaches in the news.

Driving ESG Practices Across Global Organizations

Episode 9

ESG: environment, social, and governance. There are no clear rules and regulations around ESG–no single definition that everyone is supposed to be following. Coca-Cola European Partners is among the organizations that are pioneering best practices in this area. General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Clare Wardle talks about the metrics-based approach that the board and management teams have used to drive success at her organization.

What it Means to Be an Effective Director in the Digital Age

Episode 8

One of the main problems plaguing corporate governance is too much looking backward and not enough looking forward. Another one is quality of information. In this episode, postcast host Dottie Schindlinger, co-author of Governance in the Digital Age, interviews Susan Forrester, board chair and director of several listed companies, live in Sydney to celebrate the book. Forrester explores: “How do I make sure I’ve got the most up-to-date, real-time information…while still remembering that my job as a board member is to govern, not to run the company?”

Is a Talent Shortage Looming for Corporate Boards?

Episode 7

Corporate boards are under pressure to become more diverse – in age, gender, skill set and more. But younger executives already have full plates, and being a corporate director is becoming an increasingly tough job – one that might seem less attractive to younger candidates than in years past. Are corporate boards heading toward a labor crisis? We sat down with Nora Denzel, a Silicon Valley tech executive who serves on the boards of AMD, Talend Software, and Ericsson, to discuss how the demands are changing in corporate boardrooms.

Driving Board Diversity, Technology, and Culture in a Shrinking World

Episode 6

The average age of board directors around the world is 63.5 years old, and that number is climbing every year. Which begs the question: how do you digitize the modern boardroom when it appears that boards are growing older and are often hesitant to embrace technology? Why should you bother digitizing your board room at all? Recently, we visited Singapore and had a live podcast recording with Colin Low, Chairman of the Singapore Investment Development Corporation, to discuss how everything from diversity to globalization to digital transformation.

Should Directors Do Their Own Due Diligence? New Models for Board Transparency

Episode 5

Communication and transparency go hand-in-hand. The company secretary plays an incredibly important role in overseeing what and how information is delivered to the board–making sure it’s not too much, not too little, but just right. We sat down with Pamela Coles, a longtime governance professional and company secretary of Rolls Royce PLC, to discuss how Rolls Royce is putting into practice some progressive ideas to drive transparency, information sharing, and a robust organizational culture.

The State of Board Diversity: Where Do We Go From Here?

Episode 4

Diversity is an increasingly center-stage topic, and there’s no place the effects of diversity are more far-reaching than in corporate boardrooms. On this episode, we sit down with next-gen board member Erin Lantz (TrueCar) and CGLytics’ head of research Jonathan Nelson to discuss the ripple effects associated with diversity. If research shows that diversity enhances performance, why are some boards still lagging so far behind?

How Digital Disruption Is Challenging Board Rooms

Episode 3

Digital disruption has impacted nearly every industry. Retail, transportation, and even certain parts of healthcare have been upended, as market disruptors supplant long-standing companies. Research also shows that half of the S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next 10 years. The forecast is pretty clear: Disrupt, or be disrupted. We sat down with John Hinshaw, who’s held senior positions and directorships at various companies (like Sysco, Hewlett-Packard, & Verizon Wireless), to discuss how boards today are tackling technological unrest.

3 Ways Directors Can Gain Laser-Focused Insights

Episode 2

Insights are lifeblood for directors. With the rapid pace of today’s business landscape, directors want more data and more research, and they need it faster. In this episode, Laurie Yoler, board member with Church & Dwight, Bose, Zoox, and Noon Home, explains how board members can obtain those insights–and how boards can enable their individual strengths to ask the right questions. We also hear from Annie Kors, who is the lead researcher for the Diligent Institute, a Diligent governance think tank and research arm.

The Modern Board Member: What You Need to Know to Make an Impact

Episode 1

We’re excited to kick off our first episode of The Corporate Director Podcast. We’ve launched this podcast by interviewing two exceptional guests: Brian Stafford, president and CEO of Diligent, and Betsy Atkins, serial entrepreneur, three-time CEO, and corporate governance & growth expert.

In this episode, we cover how the role of boards has changed over the past decade—and what changes we can expect to see in the future. We know you’re going to love it.