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Inside America’s Boardrooms is a weekly web show for board members, general counsels, and corporate secretaries. Hosted by TK Kerstetter, this 10-minute program airs every week to cover best practices for today’s corporate boards and committees. Don’t miss our other programs coming soon: Inside Europe’s Boardrooms and Inside Australia’s Boardrooms.


Recent Episodes

Can Corporate Directors Keep Up with the Pace of Change?

In this episode, Ralph de la Vega outlines key steps corporate boards can take to keep up with the pace of change.

What Today’s Board Members Should Know About D&O Liability

In this episode, Katherine Henderson shares how board members and corporate secretaries can best navigate today’s D&O landscape.

The SEC Renews Focus on Dodd-Frank Executive Compensation Issues

In this episode, Bob Romanchek helps boards and compensation committees prepare for Dodd-Frank executive compensation statutes that may soon be finalized.

Guiding Principles That Effective Boards Never Forget

In this episode, TK Kerstetter, Host of Inside America’s Boardrooms, offers guiding principles for board members as they navigate today’s corporate landscape.

Board Oversight: Issuing a Public Response to Political Issues

In Part 2 of this series, Paul Washington discusses the key factors involved in issuing a public response to political issues.

Board Oversight: Issuing a Corporate Response to Social Issues

In Part 1 of this series, Paul Washington outlines a best practice framework for boards and business leaders issuing a public response to social issues.

Returning to the Office: Legal Issues Impacting Boards & Companies

In this episode, Marina Tsatalis discusses the legal issues and rights associated with bringing employees back to the office.

Shaping the Board Agenda: Current Topics Guided by the General Counsel

In this episode, Dawn Haghighi examines the expanding range of topics boards are and should be discussing with their general counsels.

How Boards Can Facilitate the Integration of ESG & Strategy

In this episode, Matt DiGuiseppe, VP of Research & ESG at Diligent Corporation, reviews the evolution of ESG and offers guidance for integrating ESG into corporate strategy.

Board Oversight of Human Capital & Culture as Drivers of Market Value

In this episode, Susan Skerritt discusses the steps boards can take to weave human capital and culture into their oversight framework.

Four New Rules for CEO Succession Planning

In this episode, Bob Stark offers guidance and advice for effective CEO succession planning and "four new rules" from Spencer Stuart.

The Board’s Role in Talent Management

In this episode, Chris O’Neill discusses the growing involvement of boards in talent management and what we can expect looking forward.

Recent Trends in the Director Confidence Index

In this episode, Melanie Nolen shares key takeaways from the latest Director Confidence Index, a monthly report measuring director sentiment and key board trends.

What Makes an Effective Compensation Committee Chair?

In this episode, Jim Wolf, longtime managing partner of Meridian Compensation Partners, offers advice to compensation committee chairs seeking to improve their performance.

ESG Oversight: The Corporate Director’s Guide

In this episode, Barbara Berlin, Managing Director at PwC’s Governance Insights Center, shares key insights from PwC’s recent guide, ESG Oversight: The Corporate Director’s Guide.

Board Oversight: Components of a Stakeholder Capitalism Model

In this episode, Brad Oates offers guidance and insight around building an effective stakeholder capitalism model.

Top Issues on Compensation Committee Agendas

In this episode, Michael Brittian discusses the top issues we can expect to see on upcoming compensation committee agendas.

Audit Committees: How to Handle Scope Creep

In this episode, Margaret Whelan offers her insights and suggestions for overcoming audit committee 'creep.'

2021 Proxy Season: What Can Boards Expect?

In this episode, PwC's Paul DeNicola frames the main developments impacting boards this proxy season.

Global Governance Perspectives & Annual Meeting Trends

In this episode, Sandra Guerra shares insights into her new book on global governance and what she sees occurring at upcoming annual meetings around the globe.

Recommended Steps for Boards in a Disruptive Environment

In this episode, Amy Simmerman discusses best practices for board oversight and fiduciary duties within a turbulent business climate.

How are Compensation Committees Adapting to an Evolving ESG Landscape?

In this episode, Susan Chapman discusses the challenges of aligning compensation incentives with sustainable company growth.

C-Suite Perspectives on Board Effectiveness

In this episode, Maria Moats, Leader of PwC’s Governance Insights Center, shares highlights from a survey exploring the C-suites perspective on board performance.

Company Analyst Reports: What Can Directors Learn?

In this episode, Frank Morgan, Managing Director for Healthcare Equity Research at RBC Capital Markets, explains how board members can leverage analyst reports to be more effective.

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Boards: Trends in the Boardroom

In this episode, Ann Yerger breaks down Spencer Stuart’s S&P Mid-Cap 400 Board Report and the progress of board governance issues in that sector.

What’s the Board’s Role in Digital Strategy & Transformation?

In this episode, Tara Walpert Levy & David Sable discuss how companies across all industries are grappling with digital challenges and opportunities – and the board’s role in that process.

Board Challenges Ahead: “What Directors Think” 2020 Survey Highlights

In this episode, Melanie Nolen and Dottie Schindlinger share insights and key takeaways from the "What Directors think" 2020 research report.

Legal Issues Affecting Boards In 2021

In this episode, Katie Martin discusses what legal and compliance issues will impact boards and boardrooms in 2021.

How Should Compensation Committees Prepare for 2021?

In this episode, Marc Ullman reviews key insights from Meridian Compensation Partners' latest pulse survey on corporate boardroom trends.

How Will Stakeholder Capitalism Work Alongside Delaware Corporate Law?

In this episode, Randy Holland breaks down how Delaware corporate law and stakeholder capitalism can co-exist.

2020 U.S. Spencer Stuart Board Index: Changes in the Boardroom

In this episode, Julie Daum offers key takeaways from the 2020 Spencer Stuart Board Index and discusses recent shifts in board leadership and refreshment trends.

How Corporate Secretary Skills Are Evolving in a Modern Governance Era

In this episode, Lopa Zielinski discusses the changing duties and skills required of today’s corporate secretaries and what organizations should be doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Stakeholder Capitalism: Why is it Sustainable Now and in the Future?

In this episode, Brian Stafford talks through the tensions and ultimately the benefits of stakeholder-centric business models.

Top Challenges Facing Boards in 2021

In our annual New Years episode, Paula Loop joins host TK Kerstetter to make predictions for corporate boards in 2021.

2020 Year-End Financial Reporting: What Audit Committees Need to Know

In this episode, Stephen Parker frames the current landscape for audit committees and highlights key areas of focus.

What Impact Will the Biden Administration Have on Corporate Boardrooms?

In this episode, Amy Simmerman & Steve Bochner, Partners at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, discuss the expected boardroom impact of the Biden administration:

ESG Accountability: Closing the Gap Between Investors & Boards

In this episode, Cindy Fornelli frames the challenges boards face as expectations around ESG and corporate purpose gain momentum.

Recruiting New Corporate Directors in a Virtual Environment

In this episode, Julie Daum, a veteran of board recruitment, shares how nominating & governance committees and candidates are adjusting to new recruitment processes.

The Board-CEO Relationship: Insights From Both Sides of the Boardroom Table

In this episode, Denny Marie Post discusses lessons learned as a CEO and how that experience has helped inform her decisions as a board member.

Incorporating ESG Goals into Executive Compensation

In this episode, Jim Heim addresses the current state of ESG and compensation integration and offers a look at what’s to come.

Should Boards Push CEOs to Take Positions on Sensitive Social Issues?

In this episode, Adam Bryant provides guidance on how boards and CEOs can come to grips with sensitive social issues and more tightly define a company’s corporate purpose.

Director Network: How Technology Can Power Board Recruitment

In this episode, Meghan Day discusses Diligent’s Director Network and its mission to bridge the gap between qualified diverse candidates and organizations across the globe.

Highlights from PwC’s 2020 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

In this episode, Leah Malone provides highlights from the results of this year’s Annual Corporate Directors Survey around critical boardroom topics.

Preparing for the 2021 Proxy & Disclosure Season

In this episode, Ron Schneider frames how proxies are shifting to meet heightened disclosure demands and provides updates on DFIN’s “2020 Guide to Effective Proxies”.

Cybersecurity & COVID-19: What Should Boards Focus On?

In this episode, Barbara Berlin details how risk oversight has evolved in the midst of COVID-19.

How E-commerce Strategy Is Impacting Boardroom Discussions

In this episode, Sarah Hofstetter offers E-commerce expertise and discusses the new challenges boards are facing in a completely virtual environment.

Corporate Director Education: Current Board Member Priorities

In this episode, Jamie Tassa discusses key highlights from the Corporate Board Member survey results around board education priorities.

Battling Systemic Racism: How Boards Can Have a Positive Impact – Part 4

In the final segment of our series on systemic racism, Ashley Marchand Orme discusses key takeaways and next steps for boards.

Battling Systemic Racism: How Boards Can Have a Positive Impact – Part 3

In Part 3 of our series on systemic racism, Rose McKinney-James and John W. Rogers Jr. discuss the poor representation of African American/Black professionals in the boardroom and C-Suite—and what board members can do to make a positive impact.

Battling Systemic Racism: How Boards Can Have a Positive Impact – Pt. 2

In Part 2 of our series on systemic racism, Esther Aguilera and Roel Campos discuss challenges for Latino/Hispanic professionals amid a broader landscape of systemic racism.

Battling Systemic Racism: How Boards Can Have a Positive Impact – Part 1

In this first in a four-part series, Priya Cherian Huskins and Doug Chia frame how systemic racism manifests across the boardroom and business landscape and how corporate directors can prioritize diversity and inclusion.

Proxy Solicitation Reform: What Boards Should Know

In this episode, David Berger reviews and provides guidance on the SEC’s new proxy solicitation rules for proxy voting.

Enhancing Audit Committee Effectiveness: Resources & Tools

In this episode, Julie Bell Lindsay explains how audit committees can navigate a challenging environment by offering several resources from the CAQ.

Preparing for Dodd-Frank Compensation Rule Changes

In this episode, Don Kalfen outlines the likely changes to the proposed Dodd-Frank compensation rules and touches on the implications for boards and compensation committees.

Audit Committees & COVID-19: Beyond Financial Reporting

In this episode, Stephen Parker frames the audit committee landscape and shares insights from PwC’s recent report.

How COVID-19 Impacts Cyber Risk & Digital Transformation

In this episode, Christa Steele discusses the board’s role in digital strategy and cyber risk oversight.

Should Boards Consider Poison Pills During COVID-19?

In this episode, Amy Simmerman & Douglas Schnell review the governance and fiduciary duties surrounding rights plans and poison pills.

Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Global Progress on ESG Metrics

In this episode, Brian Stafford highlights key takeaways from a recent webinar with the World Economic Forum, Bank of America and EY.

Pandemic Governance: How Are Boards Managing Succession & Refreshment?

In this episode, Julie Daum shares key takeaways from her various discussions with directors around managing succession and refreshment planning during a pandemic.

M&A Trends During the COVID-19 Crisis

In this episode, Amy Simmerman and Douglas Schnell assess the M&A landscape and draw implications for boards.

Returning to the Workplace: Considerations for Boards

In this episode, Carrie Duarte outlines how boards and management can work together to bring employees back safely and productively. What does the workplace of the future look like?

Compensation Committees: What to Do With 2020 Bonus Plans?

In this episode, Chris Havey explains what he’s witnessing across corporate boardrooms right now when it comes to restructuring annual bonus plans.

How the Board’s Role May Evolve in Times of Crisis

Shellye Archambeau explains how boards may need to evolve and adapt in times of uncertainty. What governance model is best suited for a pandemic?

Understanding ESG Expectations During the COVID-19 Crisis

In this episode, Paul Washington highlights what boards should be focused on with respect to sustainability issues and investor communication. Will ESG be paused or accelerated amid COVID-19?

The CFO Agenda: Challenges of Navigating COVID-19

In this episode, Paul DeNicola frames responses to PwC's COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey. What are the most pressing issues CFOs have raised as they plan for a post-pandemic workplace?

Securing Board Communications in a Virtual World

In this episode, Amanda Carty outlines best practices for navigating board communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Legal Advice for Boards Navigating COVID-19

In this episode, Amy Simmerman outlines top legal considerations for boards navigating COVID-19 challenges.

Director Compensation: Key Considerations During COVID-19

In this episode, Bob Romanchek shares his thoughts on director pay in a COVID-19 environment. What are the key considerations right now?

Compensation Committee Challenges Amid COVID-19

In this episode, Bob Romanchek offers guidance for boards reevaluating executive compensation during Coronavirus times.

Key Considerations for Audit Committees During COVID-19

In this episode, Paula Loop frames the new reality for audit committees as they look to tackle the current financial close cycle.

Virtual Annual Shareholder Meetings: Key Considerations & Challenges

In this episode, Sherry Moreland describes the virtual annual shareholder meeting landscape. What challenges can companies expect to face?

Top Boardroom Issues During COVID-19

In our first remote episode, Paula Loop and host TK Kerstetter outline the most pressing boardroom issues during COVID-19.

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